The story

2012 Rbs charity day is the initiative of the Italian Corporate Social Responsability Group to raise funds for few onlus we support:


 1) Associazione italiana per la lotta al Neuroblastoma Onlus  (                   

2) Associazione La nostra comunita' Onlus(

Event date: 17-18/Dec/2012

Rbs employees in Milan and London agreed to make themselves available for few exhibitions with the main goal of raising as much funds as possible for the onlus we support. Put some money on the exhibition you like the most and help us to select the "hero" of the charity day. Competition among colleagues will help our ambition to be of some impact.

Employee will choose their own exhibition and will be "live on stage" on the 18th of December in either Milan or London. For those who will not be able to attend in person we will make sure to give you visibility of the events via video or photos.

Some of the exhibitions you will find below will be performed  only if the fund raising for that specific exhibition will overtake a certain threshold. Employee can buy them out and avoid the exhibition, matching the amount raised. Of course higher will be the funds raised higher will be the probability to see the exhibition. In both cases we will raise a lot of funds for our onlus!! This is a list of the exhibitions that our "heroes" will perform:  


Performers: Massimo De Matteis & Stefano Marzeglia

Date: 19th of Dec

Exhibition: Massimo & Stefano will dress as Batman & Robin and run in Via della Spiga (famous street for shopping in Milan). After the run Batman & Robin will take a coffee in "caffe' Cova" by far the poshest bar in Milan


Performer: Luca Garella

Date: 20th of Dec

Exhibition: Luca will run our Exco meeting wearing his best pajama


Performers: Licia Ciocca, Santiago Mauri, Piero Costantini, Daniela Castagna

Date: 20th of Dec

Exhibition: The Fab 4 will dress, sing and dance like the Abba in their famous "Waterloo"


Performers: Raffaella Parapetti, Ilaria Bertizzolo & Daniela Carella

Date: 18th of Dec

Exhibition: Raffa & Ilaria will be in Santa's dresses and collect offer at main building entrance



Performer: Stefano Marzeglia (on request)

Date: 20th of Dec

Exhibition: Stefano will change his hair colour into "platinum blonde" if we will collect more than eur 3500  



Performers: Elvira Viviani, Giuseppe Oltolini, Fabrizio Crispiatico

Date: 18th of Dec

Exhibition: They will sing and dance "Pulcino Pio" at our children party


Performer: Debora Sianturi

Date: 20th of Dec

Exhibition: Debora will do a karaoke of Indonesian song


Performer: Francesco Rizzo (on Request)

Date: 20th of Dec

Exhibition: Francesco will shave his head if we collect more than 3500


Performer: Santiago Mauri

Date 19th of Dec

Exhibition: Santiago will do coffees for a morning at Bar Turati


We will publish a daily update with the money collected for each exhibition.