La Buona Causa

M.Chiara Vigo sta per realizzare un'opera speciale.

M.Chiara Vigo is about to create a very special artwork.

Aiutate l'associazione Il Filo dell'Acqua a raccogliere i primi 8.000 euro che serviranno a giugno come acconto per l'acquisto finale della 'Stanza' - Museo del Bisso ad Ottobre 2019.


I nomi dei donatori che contribuiranno all'acquisto della stanza che ospita il nuovo Museo del Bisso saranno ispirazione per una nuova opera riamata del Maestro Chiara Vigo.

Le iniziali di chi effettuerà una donazione (di qualsiasi cifra) appariranno nell'opera!

Ricordatevi di specificare le iniziali dei nomi che vorreste veder apparire nell'opera nel messaggio che accompagna la donazione.

È grazie a voi se il Museo del Bisso continuerà ad esistere.

Help the association Il Filo dell'Acqua to collect the first 8,000 euros that will be used in June as a down payment for the final purchase of the space in October 2019.


The names of the donors who will contribute to the purchase of the room that houses the new Museo del Bisso will be the inspiration for a new work by Maestro Chiara Vigo.

The initials of who will make a donation (of any amount) will appear in the work!

Remember to specify, in the message accompanying the donation, the initials of the names you would like to be present in the the tapestry .

Grazie, thank you!

This is an international crowdfunding / Questa è una raccolta fondi internazionale.

By collecting € 90,000 we can ensure the Maestro Chiara Vigo has an adequate space to keep alive the art of marine Bisso and a platform from which the last Master of Byssus can maintain a connection with the world.

The students of Chiara Vigo, together with the Associazione Il filo dell'Acqua, are inviting you to be among the first to help us raise the funds needed to make this room a permanent and independent cultural space.


Pressing the green button you will CONTRIBUTE to buy the room that is currently rented by the association Il filo dell'Acqua as Maestro Chiara Vigo's studio from 2017: clicking then on PAYPAL you will contribute using your credit/debit card or your Paypal account. The transaction will be directly processed on the secure Paypal servers.

*If the donation phase on the platform gets a bit tricky or requiries multiple atempts please be patient. When the donation is successful you should receive an email of confirmation and be able to verify it also through your account.

What will happen if we fail to raise the money in time?

We trust that all together we can make the magic happen! We hope the Maestro will not be forced to close the door of her Museum, unique in the world and created for the world.

If the raised money will not be enough to buy the space, Associazione il filo dell'Acqua commits itself to use the fundings for the “dissemination and enhancement of the artistic, intellectual, ideal and human heritage - or of the work - of Master of byssus Chiara Vigo”, as foreseen by its statute.

In any case, due to the nature of this crowdfunding donations will not be returned.

We invite you to stay updated through this website and the FB page If the world wants / Se il mondo vuole.

The amount of 90.000 is what is needed to pay the asking price of the current location and cover this year rent, notary fees and taxes and the possibility of making some urgently needed maintenance.

What will happen if we success in raising the money?

The world would keep benefiting of the free access to the presence and art of Chiara Vigo, the last Master of Bisso.

For any further info you can contact us at (please use as object of the email “300 LAPWINGS”).