The story

Dear Friends of Ernesto’s 


With your help and support we have grown to be the best animal sanctuary 


With your help we found and employed our vet and built and equipped a surgery for him.


With your help Ernestos is the amazing place it is now.


With your help we have the healthiest cats and animals. Kept well because we can offer them good food and great care. As you all know, there are no vaccines available so the good care is all we can rely on to strengthen immunity and build strong animals.


We would like to continue to be the best. The sanctuary that has a vision - of birth control among the stray cats and dogs. That offers free medical attention to the animals of people living around Ernestos. That seeks to educate people in animal care.


The sanctuary that feeds the hungry.


Our team at Ernestos are dedicated to the animals’ welfare but we need to be able feed them all, pay internet bills, pay for gasolene, repairs, yard staff and general day to day expenses. We need to replenish our depleted medicine supply.


Of course, such great care comes with a cost.


We have so many animals to treat and hungry mouths to feed now. Over 100 cats get fed every day, 4 dogs, 1 horse, 4 monkeys, - rabbits, ducks and doves. (The Smalls).


We love the fact that some people bring animals to us now and don’t just dump them in the streets and we hope we can continue to accept them and never have to turn an animal away. For the ones that continue to be abandoned, we promise we will be there to rescue them.


Some people have contacted us about the horses that were so badly injured by shell fire yesterday. ernesto’s team  will continue to visit, treat their wounds and help with their recovery and wellbeing. Some good food for them could make all the difference for their recovery and we would like to be able to offer their owner food and care for the immediate future. One horse is still critical, and we hope that our vets team can help him through the next few important days.


Please forgive us for the unsettled time we have just been through and please continue your support for Ernestos. At the end of the day the welfare of the animals is our mission and our priority. It will always be so.


We hope you can join with us and help us in this latest, important fundraiser. Without you - and your help, we are nothing.


Thank you for being a part of Ernestos.