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The story

We must want with all our strength that as many Filipino children as possible make a daily lunch, to put it in the verses of the Peruvian poet César Vallejo, that they do it with pieces of bread that come out of the oven of our hearts. What inspires this project is the Peruvian organization "El vaso de leche" which was born to guarantee at least one glass of milk a day to the children of Lima. The author of this project had a wonderful volunteering experience in the Andes of Peru, my name is Andres.

The ultimate goal is to make a totally free canteen for the poor children of the Philippines (of course, a small part of them). Unfortunately, as we know well not only Africans, many children in the Philippines are "hungry". We already have the availability of a nice place with garden, located in Tagaytay-Cavite, all need is your help to turn it into a Jollifree karenderia (free canteen), nobody will give us free food if we don't organize it.

The goal of this ONLINE CAUSE is to find people as serious as possible who give us the guarantee of monthly economic support (or other types of help) when the canteen is started, as long as we are not sure we can count on this help we can't even make plans to make this dream come true, which will remain a dream. So NOT MONEY, for now, but a guarantee of sustanance tomorrow, hopefully near. According to empirical calculations it would take a minimum of one hundred thousand php a month. But it is obviously difficult because we do not have a media coverage. We can do it and then it would be beautiful. It is important to remember that in our small case every single "peso" should be destined for children. In fact when making donations to big NGOs more than half of the money is destined for the organization and advertising expenses of the NGO themselves and not for the projects (sad but true).



Hello to every one and happy new year to you! First, sorry if my english is not so good Foot in Mouth

I was born in Rome in 1974, a former cook i also worked in starred restaurants (La Pergola, Hotel Hilton Roma, etc) i came to the Philippines in January 2013 at the invitation of an Italian priest (at the time, unfortunately i had to close a shop of wines i had in Rome) he asked me to come and help him. Mindful of a good volunteer experience in Huari (Peru) that i did with the congregation of Giuseppe Marello with Bishop Dante Frasnelli Tarter i accepted and i came to the Philippines but there was no mutual understanding, the work that was given to me consisted only in doing some animation for the kids. After a few months i detached myself but in love with the country i stayed and i am up to now. Although i do not like to be an animator the children of that orphanage gave me an imprint of love for the Filipino people. In seven years i have often found myself buying food for street children who always pay you back with beautiful smiles. There would be no profit for me but satisfaction would certainly pay me back. I would like to make a FREE CANTEEN FOR POOR CHILDREN in my area (Tagaytay-Cavite). Doing some empirical calculations also with the help of local friends i imagine that with only 50 children a day, working just on alternate days, and being in the kitchen myself (plus an helper) to save money, a MINIMUM of 100,000 php mountly would be needed. I fear that the undertaking is very difficult and perhaps too difficult for me alone. 

My name is Andres and i look forward to hearing from you, Happy 2020


If you want to give your guarantee of monthly help (for when the project will start) you can do by sending an e-mail, your name, and the monthly amount (or type of help) you are willing to give. You will have all the guarantees. Once the project has started, you will see the children you help through the various telematic possibilities offered by the network.


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SKYPE: Andres Tagaytay (live:f00c93609aca4908)


"Do perhaps what may seem sinful, but which is beneficial to creatures, since that is truly a work of religion"

 Milarepa (Tibet, 1051 – 1135)





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