Fai parte di una nuova famiglia

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The story

Hogar Cristo te Salva is a Bolivian orphanage founded in 2009 by Frederico and Miriam Weber Callo Sosa with the aims of providing shelter and support to marginalized and vulnerable children of all ages. In addition to a permanent shelter and basic necessities, Hogar Cristo te Salva provides emotional care, training in self-reliance, educational support and daily activities for up to 21 children at a time.

Located in Riberalta, the group home is operated by two families who act as the full-time caretakers for the children. To infuse each child with a sense of family, most daily activities are done as a group including communal meals, sports practice, daily homework help, and bible study. Weekends include occasional outings, service projects and community celebrations. In an effort to be self-sufficient, Hogar Cristo te Salva also raises chickens, bakes their own bread, manages a community garden, and sells baked goods and desserts in their local neighborhood.