Christmas Gift for Ernesto Paradise

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The story

December is here and it brings the start of the coldest weather of the year to the sanctuary of Ernestos.

The cats now mostly spend their nights inside…..but as you probably have noticed, we do not have central heating…..we only have gasoline heaters at our sanctuary. The cost of the fuel is very high and Alaa needs to be very frugal with it.

As the temperature drops the cats need to be offered more food and the quality of the food needs to be high. We believe that only by offering them the best food we can find, can we keep our cats healthy and well.

As you know we still have no vaccines or medicines available so it is vital that we keep every cat as healthy as possible so they are able to fight infections and diseases. The condition of the cats is essential to their winter survival. We need healthy fur coats and a little extra fat on their bodies. (Bikini bodies to show off at the pool side can wait until the spring!). Food is scarce though and the costs of feeding are our biggest expense. Especially fresh meat is increasingly expensive.

So, in this season of giving could we ask you to spare us a donation?

We would like to raise 15,000 euros to help our animals through the cold winter months. Will you help us??

You can share the buona causa link with your friends and family and ask them to make a donation in your name as a present to you for this holiday season. Your donation will then warm your heart and also warm our cats!

From Alaa, from the cats, from the monkeys, and from everyone at Ernesto's sanctuary we would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who donated to our last appeal. The loan is now paid off in full and we can now move ahead with other plans.

Please keep in touch with the sanctuary and the cats by visiting our Facebook page “Alaa and the house of cats Ernestos”.