Crowdfunding per Micro Business Rwanda

Aldo Tedeschi Sviluppo Economico

The story

Uwera M.Louise is the protagonist of the business we are adopting.

We reached her thanks to Progetto Rwanda Onlus, who has worked in Kigali for almost 30 years. In these years they have been providing women with entrepreneurial skills and then helping them to start their own business.

Furthermore they opened a primary school which currently has 6 classes and provides breakfast and lunch every weekday to the students

M.Louise is a genocide survivor and after she lost her job in a constraction company, that helped her to take care of 3 daughters and her housband (who has a permanent body disease), she decided to open an MTN Mobile Money Business. MTN is a sudafrican telecommunications and financial services provider, and she will earn commission for each transaction costumers will do in her shop.

Right know she is working with small capital, so she cannot take a lots of orders and particularly the high capital ones. Thanks to a monetary input, she can scale up the business and gain economic indipendence.

Before sending the funds to her, I will personally visit M.Louise, her business and Progetto Rwanda’s school. Although I’m staying for only 2 weeks, there are Progetto Rwanda’s coordinator all long the year that will help and monitor M.Louise business.