The story


Dear Gattaro’s Friends .

You may have noticed that it is kitten time at Ernestos and we are ankle deep in kittens.

Some were born at Ernestos and many were abandoned and found by Alaa and the Gattaro team.

It doesn't matter to us how they have arrived at our sanctuary we welcome each new life.

So we will add a new farm to have more place because we don’t have enough place to all them in the Ernesto’s house and with your help we will enlarge to the farm attached to us .

The castration programme still moves forward and in the last 9 months 30 male cats have been castrated by Dr Yoossef but as you all know, there is still a shortage of anaesthetic in the area. And the population still prefer to let their cats have kittens and then abandoned the babies So kittens are inevitable.

Of course they bring us joy.and added costs. Food, medicines, bowls, bedding - all add up to a considerable extra amount each month.

So we are opening a Buona Causa Spring Appeal and ask you to please give what you can to support Ernestos and its new influx of life.

Without your generosity Ernestos would not be the place it is and the Gattaro team would like to thank everyone of you who has donated so far. You are a part of this amazing place .

Thank you