La Buona Causa

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Hello World,


My name is Francesco born the 3rd September 2013, now I am 8 months old.

I had a very difficult start, my mummy (Rosy) and daddy (Luca) were waiting for me for 3 days while doctors wanted me to come out naturally till the end.


I was tired and I was strangulated twice by the umbelical cord but doctors did not listen to me and to my heart until I went to a persistent bradycardia and my little heart stopt beating.

I tried to give some signs but I came out in this world too late after a c-section in code red.

I was reanimated for 1 hour and my apgar score was 1/1/1 at 15 minutes.


My daddy was with me during the resuscitation while my mummy was still in operation room.

It is a miracle I am here because less than 6% of baby born with such difficulty survives to all this.


Afterall I am alive but I reported severe brain damage due to the lack of oxygen for about 40 minutes and I am expected to be impaired for the rest of my life.

Usually small baby are wrapped into the heat, instead I was wrapped in the cold for 72 hours in hypothermia at 33 degree of temperature and connected to tons of wires.. brrrrr

After that for about 2 months I remained at the hospital where I was born.


My daddy and my mummy are special, in all this sorrow they found the strenght to go head and decided to not fall and give me some hope. The hope that in The Netherland the doctors did not give to me considering the very bad prognosis.

For this reason my mummy and my daddy decided to not give up and now all together moved for a while to Hungary where we found some therapies which is giving us the hope to overcome my predicted bad future.


I am into daily therapy and continuos stimulation, I am working hard, I love my parents and they love me, we are always together 24H/7 a day and is not easy as I am high demanding and sometimes I get tired.

We are alone here in Hungary, and we were alone also in the Netherland as we are Italian and our family is all based in Italy, but we are happy to have taken this decision.


Our life cannot be planned anymore, we have to live and see every single day and adapt to the new situations. It is unknown to us where we will be tomorrow and you can imagine how all this instability can affect us.

Yesterday it was in the Netherland, today in Hungary, tomorrow who knows...we will follow the road for our hope !


We also know that fighting all this alone without any support will not be succesfull, so it is crucial to have the support from family, friends, colleagues, etc..

Many friends and relatives supported us a lot already with donation, messages, etc...

That was an initiative started from a group of Italian friends from Amsterdam and it worked really well.

It was a surprise such a partecipation which allowed my parents to fund my daily therapy for a couple of months, and I can only say thanks to them and keep them in my heart.


In this 8 months a lot of bad things happened, my dady lost his job, I require 24h/7 care and probably in the near future I will lose also my apartment in Amsterdam and my beautiful room built for me with a lot of love.


However In this 5 months ThanksGOD and thanks to the therapies I see some improvements which give me the strenght and motivation to continue the fight even though the path is very very long and difficult to sustain from various aspects.


For this reason my parents decided to launch this good cause and raise funds which will hopefully give us the opportunity to sustain all this situation for longer time.

All the donations will be used for me to fund my daily therapies, doctors, accomodation, travels, games, counseling.. and all the rest around my needs.


Your partecipation and support will be really appreciated and will help me and my parents to leaverage our situation and to keep working for the hope !


Please help us in this good cause clicking on the Orange Circle "Dona Ora" on the top of the page to donate.


A Big Thank you!

Francesco Di Scala (Me)

Luca Di Scala (My daddy)

Rosaria Pietroluongo (My mummy)