It's Happening Right Now in the Heart of Europe

Domenico Fiormonte Diritti Civili & Legalità

The story


We have witnessed what happens in a State where citizens are pushed against one other to distract them from manipulators and those responsible in power: it happened in Germany, in Rwanda, and in the former Yugoslavia.

We have seen apartheid at work, discriminating on the basis of flimsy claims of superiority of some citizens over others: it has happened in the United States, SouthAfrica, and Botswana.

We have witnessed the arrogance of a totalitarian state that claims to enter the private lives of its citizens, deciding what is good for their souls and their bodies, under the pretext of benefitting the collective over the individual: it happened to the Mayan, in the Soviet Union, and in China. 

We have seen totalitarianism being scientifically instilled and cultivated in vitro and then endorsed by popular vote, then supported by lying and massive propaganda and intimidation: it happened in Italy, Germany, and in the former Soviet Republics.

It is happening again in the heart of the most civilized part of Europe, whose treaties and regulations, founded with the purpose of leaving an embarrassing past behind, are being blatantly disregarded in the face of senseless rules that governments are adopting with the declared purpose, both false and in vain, of limiting the pandemic. 

This is happening now in Italy.

In Italy now social hatred has been reintroduced, creating scapegoats in order to hide the fact that vaccines block neither the infection nor the disease; in Italy now rules have been adopted that prevent unvaccinated citizens from accessing public transport (even to/from the islands! ), from attending schools and universities, workplaces and places of recreation.

In Italy now everyone over 50 is required to be inoculated with an experimental serum of which neither the exact composition and contents nor even the contracts that govern the relationship between institutions and pharmaceutical manufacturers is known; in Italy now the State claims to decide how a citizen should live and die, stating that it is compulsory not to contract Covid at the cost of contracting other types of diseases - even disabling or fatal ones. 

All this, in Italy, is happening now; we are denouncing it because more and more every day we are approaching that very horror and that shame that, as citizens of the free world, we swore never to have any truck with again. 

In Italy, for more than ten years, governments do not represent and do not express the will of the people and the social agreement between the government and the people, represented by the certainty of law, has failed. 

European Institutions, instead of intervening immediately to restore the conditions of legality and democracy, persist in playing deaf, a sign of complicity, which leads to the rejection by citizens of every agreement, clause, treaty, and signed contract implemented fraudulently against the will and mandate of the People: and moreover, to their detriment.

What has been happening in the last few days tells us that in Italy deep fault lines have been shaken, and a new spirit pervades in the real country: skills, abilities, intelligence, knowledge, testimonies and evidence of civil resistance have surfaced and people have decided to go part of the way together, in testimony of this country’s ability to stand up with very its own strength, in addition to the need and will to be reunited and walk together with other people towards a new agreement against new tyranny: nothing can be like it was before and everything must be revealed and made known.

This is also happening now in Italy and for this reason we ask other voices to make themselves heard together with ours, in our common interest.








1. Luc Montagnier _ 2008 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine , France


2. Alexandr Dugin _ Philosopher, political analyst and strategist, Russia


3. Reiner Fuellmich_ Lawyer, Germany


4. Gerald H. Pollack _ Professor at University of Washington, Seattle , USA


5. Vladimir Voeikov _Professor at Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia


6. Stephanie Seneff _ Senior Research Scientist at MIT, USA


7. Peter McCullough _ Clinical Cardiologist, Dallas, Texas, USA


8. Antonio Gómez Ramos,  Profesor at Universitat , Spain


9. María Morrás, Professor at  Universitat, Spain


10. Andreas Soennichsen, Gesundheit fuer Oestterreich