a Trumpet to play, a Trumpet to work

Antonio Molinini Job

The story

some people say "help me to buy the car of my dreams!", and the car is a Lamborghini! :D Are you sure that you need that? Are you sure that people will help you to have something so expensive but not really useful? where is your problem? your desease? your unemployment?

Now let's speak a little bit about me: I work in a school from few days, after 6 years without doing it. My salary is only 500$ per month, and I  like to play with friend to make more money and to make happy a lot of people that come to listen to our performances. Three days in every week I'm having dyalisis in a Hospital waiting for a Kidney transplantation, so I can work more than I do, being always weak and sick. Anyway, I love music, and I want to play more and more in the others day of the week.

The trumpet that I used to play was an orrible piece of brass made in china, but, obviously, now is broken and not working anymore.

So, I'm not asking you the Lamborghini of the trumpets :D

I'm asking you only this one: to me it's perfect!


do you think you can help me?

Thanks a lot!