Support for primary school of Ntsimbou - Cameroon

Michele Cagnoli Istruzione e Formazione

The story

The Project (300 pupils divided in preschooling and primary school classes)

Material to provide 

General purpose

Blackboards ( 7 = 1 per class)

Chalks (enough for school year)

Chalk erasers

Desks (7 = 1 per class)

Locks for doors

Logistics and transport

Material to pupils (in parenthesis the amount per pupil)

Primary school classes - 240 pupils

Workbooks and Notebooks (15-18: pages 50 to 300 and lining appropriate to subject and grade)

Pens (2-3), pencils (2-3), pencil sharpner (1) and erasers (2)

Ruler, compass (only for last two years)

Drawing pads (1-2)

Color pastels (1 set)

Maternity/preschooling classes - 60 pupils

Workbooks (5-10 = 30 to 50 pages, larger lining/squares)

Pencils (2-3), pencil sharpner (1) and erasers (2)

Drawing pads (1-2)

Color pastels (1 set)

tables and seats (1) 


In the middle of the Cameroonese rain forest close to Abong Mbang, the Primary school of the village of Nstimbou hosts 300 pupils (60 in two maternity/preschooling classes and 240 in the next 5 primary school classes)

The school serves also smaller villages around.

Income in this area is very low and pupils' families struggle to provide them with basic writing material.

Together with a close friend, Marie-Jules Mpot Mimbang (Julia), who lives in Munich and whose family originates from Ntsimbou, we decided to help the children of Ntsimbou to start their life with proper schooling and contacted the schools and the local authorities to make this happen.

The material will be provided through local Cameroonese providers and in order to assure that the donation reaches the right objective, Julia and me will fly there, to check the quality and then deliver in person the material collected. Our flight tickets and permanence there, will be our additional contribution to this project.

We kindly ask you to help us in this effort.

We will give these children the opportunity to start learning and will draw together the starting line ... of that kind of marathon, which will be their life.